You are looking for a customized packaging solution with a view to your beverage idea?

Together with our worldwide bottling partners, we are always able to offer you tailored solutions for packaging your beverages.

This gives you a wide range of options when it comes to the packaging materials, size and appearance:
For small and large volumes, for PET, glass, aluminum, TetraPak, Elopak, cans and shots – we have the right container at hand for every circumstance. Upon request, we would also be happy to accompany the initial bottling process so that the final results correspond exactly to your product sample. 
Depending on the number of units and the application area, we can work with bottling plants in Germany, the rest of Europe, Asia and South America.

P.S.: Also regarding packaging, you will benefit from our journeys across the globe. At the most important trade fairs and in supermarkets allover the world, we keep ourselves always up-to-date about innovative approaches and ideas. This way, we know what will come, what will go, what will remain.

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